Jacob Waechter

Financial Services Professional

Domicile State: TX

My name is Jacob Waechter, and I am a Financial Services Professional with Fikes Financial Group. I have had a passion for finance and the opportunities financial security provides since a young age, when my grandfather first introduced me to the market. Since then, I have continued to further this knowledge through traditional education, as well as independently researching the market, current trends, and historical data.


In May 2023, I graduated from Texas State University with a BBA in Finance. To this day, I continue to improve my understanding of the financial world and industry. Having an education in Finance provides a base for me to improve my knowledge, as well as allowing me to provide clients with personally tailored financial solutions and guidance.


As a financial services professional, my focus is on constructing individually made financial strategies to help individuals and families to maximize long term value and achieve financial security. Constantly being up-to-date and well versed in financial trends is of the utmost importance within the financial industry, which is why I constantly devote myself to learning and improving my knowledge within the industry.


My goal is to guide, educate, and assist individuals and families toward financial independence.


I am licensed to offer insurance in Texas.


Phone 210-796-0699
Fax 210-342-6460