Benjamin Lopez

Financial Services Professional

Domicile State: TX

Benjamin Lopez is a Financial Services Professional with Fikes Financial Group. Benjamin has a passion
for helping families try to attain financial security and financial confidence. With a lifelong fascination for
the world of finance, Benjamin's journey began in grade school and has since evolved into a thorough
understanding of history, economics, behavioral finance, and financial solutions.

Currently pursuing a degree in finance at UTSA, Benjamin is dedicated to expanding his expertise and
staying up-to-date with industry trends. His academic pursuits serve as a strong foundation for his
expertise, allowing him to offer clients well-informed guidance and personalized solutions.

As a licensed professional in life insurance, Benjamin specializes in developing tailored financial
strategies that assist individuals and families to achieve the elusive goal of financial security. To stay at the
forefront of the industry, Benjamin commits to continuous learning, regularly engaging in research and
actively participating in UTSA's investment society meetings.

Benjamin strongly believes that everyone possesses the ability to attain financial security. His mission is
to empower and educate his community by providing comprehensive financial guidance, enabling
families to make informed decisions and take control of their financial future.


I am licensed to sell insurance in TX (domiciled in TX) CRN202608-4955450

Phone 210-342-4141